Information Technologies Security

If you want to be protected against each kind of softwares that can give harms to your web site or from the unauthorized entrances and if you pay attention to the protection of your web site and your datas;this is our package prepared to protect the systems from the aggressive and distruptive factors.

It is obvious that Microsoft is the leader of the softwares.If you use the technology to capture the competitive advantage and if you always want to be at the top,this is our service which we share our experiences about the installation,configuration and the position of the products improved by Microsoft.

The services we will provide:
  • Windows Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Terminal Service Upgrade
  • ISA Server Upgrade
  • SharePoint Portal Server Upgrade
  • SQL Server
  • Small Bussiness Server
  • System Management Server Upgrade
  • Windows XP Upgrade
  • Office 2003 Upgrade
  • Customized trainings