Network Solutions and Consultancy

LAN,WAN and Wireless solutions are among the solutions that Doa Software can provide to its customers.The Doa Software engineers and technicians that take place in Cisco,3COM,HP types of brands used projects has succeeded in this area like the other areas by using their experiences.

Our network consultants evaluate your actual network type and understand your today and future network requirements and provide you the most appropriate network strategies and design solutions that will meet your e-business needs.Our network consultants evaluate your network structure at the network you want to create according to the following basic concepts and provide you the best structure.

The services we will provide:
  • To audit all the systems and determine the open parts of the system
  • To provide security of the İnternet Access
  • To provide the server security
  • To check the file permissions
  • To create the antivirus solution
  • To automatize the security and antivirus updates
  • To create the security procedures