What we do?

Mobile Application & Web Solutions


IOS & Android

Mobile applications has now become an indispensable part of our lives, not only an indicator of prestige, but also has become an accessibility indicator. Every passing day, new mobile based projects are produced and the mobile applications of the actual web procets are improved. We, as DoaSoftware improve the best Android, iOS and Windows based applications.


Responsive Web

With the Responsive web design, whichever device made the enterance to your website, the user can easily search in the web site and can read the writings without any dificulties. Your web site can be easily searched by the mobile, laptop or desktop devices. By this way, according to the size of the screen, you can slide the content, you can resize the pictures and arrange the sizes of the writings to give the users a qualified experience…


Mobile Web

The visitors of your web site needs a mobile compatible for an easy usage in the smart phones and tablet computers. By this way, especially in the recent years as the usage of the smart phones has increased, it is important to desing the web sites monitored in the browsers of the laptops and desktop computers compatible with the mobile devices.



By putting the functionality, usability and simplicity to the first place, we submit you modern lines. Our innovator and dynamic graphical design team always submits innovative, creative, precise and sophisticated design solutions about the designing services. In our design services, we provide services in the Web, Mobile, Web, IOS, Android and Tablet visual design areas. In our works, without sacrificaing from the high level usability and functionality, we produce future solutions with the innovative solutions.


Market Analysis

Market Analysis determines the best opportunities to improve the aims and strategies before the start of our works and makes the analysis by collecting the datas and informations to predict the project’s system ( market ) and the potential situation of the surrounding, its mechanism and the probable actions and reactions given to the product of the projects.


Search Engines Optimization

Optimization of the Search Engines ( SEO ) are the applications outside and inside the web site that provide your web site to be seen in the first page on the top when your web site is searched in the seach engines with the key words. We provide your brand to be found when it is seached. By the Seach Engine Optimization, we direct the organic traffic to your web site and through visitors coming from the relative searches to your web site, we increase the conversion rate.

Our technology

Evolving and changing to keep up with technological principles and methods available to develop a new generation are growing with our vision...