IDLOG Modules

International Land Transportation Software

IDLOG is an Institutional Resource Planning software that meets all the work needs and regulate the relations between the customers, suppliers and working partners. In all types of operations, it immediately and completely provides the complete or partial order managements, vehicle navigation management, navigation driver management, driver and fuel account tracking, truck report card management and tracking, income and expense tracking, profit and loss analysis, customer tracking and management, contract management, automatic invoicing, sending mails automatically about the notices of departures and arrivals and the other similar works.

With the International Land Transportation Module, by collecting all our customers and suppliers on the same platform we can make the data integration. Beside this, by the interfaces of the software, if required, you can ease the vehicle reservations or load trackings of your customers.

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Sea Freight Forwarder Software

With the Sea Freight Forwarder Module, by collecting all our customers and suppliers on the same platform we can make the data integration. By entering the invoice or order records to the system automatically, you can make out an invoice to your customers either commision based or for a negotiated special price. While the modüle is operating all your operational procedures, at the same time, it provides you to watch your financial datas. Beside this, by the web interfaces, you can both take orders from your customers and manage your container loadings.

With the web interface, while managing prices, you can also take or give offers or has the opportunity to negotiate. By this way, the price pool you will create will ease your periodical price analysis.

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International Air Cargo Software

The Air Cargo Module provides the management of the IATA / NON – IATA agents export, import or current accounts and loss – profit evaluations in the fastest and easiest way. The module provides both the customers and the airlines to manage their prices and also provides tracking of the operation management and gives the opportunity to have a right and fast invoicing process.

With the web interfaces, you can take the orders from your customers and share these orders with the airlines and have an operational management in a fast ans safe platform. In the situation when there are multi price offers are demanded, while you are sharing your offers with your customers, you can also use the IDLOG Air Cargo Software interfaces. In the module, all the reports can be taken either in the excell format or in other formats and you can also send your important reports to your customers automatically by the decided parameters, via e mail.

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Railway Transportation Software

From the raw material to the finished product, from the spare parts to the automobiles, from the foods to the White goods, you can watch all your transportations from our system and can manage them.

Our organization which constantly renew itself in the transport sector and continues its quest to keep up with evolving technology provides a systematic improving opportunity to the logistic sector by the railway transportation and also by the reconstruction, it performs the necessary legal arrangements for the adaptation with the EU railways.

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Domestic Land Transportation Software

With the Domestic Transportation Module, as you can manage many of your projects separately and also at the same time you can track your operational and financial datas.

As in the other modules, this module is also appropriate to be used for all your companies that take place in the branches or your groups. Beside this, as you operate your operational Works you can also make the calculations of the costs of your ownings or your rental vehicles and their fuel costs and you can manage the expenses on driver based. With the web interfaces of the module, you can take orders from your customers, you can watch the orders you have taken or by data integration with your customers you can provide data synchronization.

As the module works according to the different types of goods and transportation projects, it provides you to create customer based profit / loss reports. Beside this, in all your transportations, by managing the datas manually, if you want, you can print out the delivery notes inside the vehicle.

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Entrepot and Warehouse Software

As the Entrepot and Warehouse module can be used saperately, it also has a data integration in itself like as the other modules.

In the module, by automatically planning all your shelfs inside the storehose, the maximum efficiecny is aimed by decribing the best appropriate place to the customer during the good acceptance period.

Except the Windows interfaces of the module, the module can be used by the Menual trminals. Beside this, by using the web interfaces, you can make your customers give orders by showing them the goods placed in the Entrepot and at the same time you can maket hem send goods to the Entrepot. In addition to all these operations, if you want, by making data integration with your customers, you can have the opportunity to have automatic communication. In the module, by managing your fixed term contracts according to the multiple parameters, you can make automatic invoicing. And this increases the operational efficiency and at the same thime provides good invoicing.

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3D Dynamic Optimization Software

ID3OP that adds a new dimension to the Logistic optimization system makes your route plannings automatically and at the same time provides the transportation of the loadings to the vehicles in 3D.

In the ID3OP load planning system, according to the parametrically defined vehicle occupancy rate, vehicle and load plans are made. You can also watch this operation in 3D and if you want, you can interfere. By this way, the user makes the vehicle and loading planning with the maximum efficiency.

Through the ID3OP dynamic route planning, by using the optimization criterias such as tonnage or distance, the profit rates can be increased. The systems plans to carry the maximum load at the minimum distance.

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IDCOM- Customer Order Management Software

It is a web based information system improved according to the operation and order management of the Idlog softwares. To improve your communicaton with your customers, to improve your prestige about the technology and above all, to start the e- work processes, IDCOM – Customer Order Management System is a real solution for your company. By reducing the time and labour loss to the minimum, you can increase the value of your company.

Through the web interfaces; by the authorization given to the customers, all the stages starting from the order to the delivery can be managed. IDCOM has a modular structure ( it has the Land, Air and Sea Freight Modules ). All the system works through password protected pages.

By giving important adavantages to yoru customers, IDCAM is also an interface for your company in which all the price system is managed safely. When giving offers to your customers, you can see all the changes happenning in the price pool and can make the profit – loss calculations by the customer based analyzes of all the prices in the system. For the Forwarder firms, all the price exchanges can be managed multilateral. At the same time, price can be demanded from multi customers or prices can be given to the multi customers. During all these processes, notices and warnings can be send to the users about the actual aggrements via e – mails. All the aggrements that are accepted by the customers is used by the system in automatic invoicing process.

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IDCAM- Customer Aggreement Management Software

It is a web based information system of the Idlog softwares that is developed for the management of the price aggrements. With this system, you can meet your customers on a mutual platform and take the price offers and give your offers. IDCOM has a modular structure ( It has the Land, Air and Sea Freight Modules ). All the system works through password protected pages.

Through the web interfaces, customer can create new price offers or monitör the actual price aggrements. In the customer based price pool price histories are holded and by this way the analysis procedure are facilitated.

By IDCOM, your customers and agents can watch the transportation of the loads to their positions, vehicle planning, load status and delivery informations. During these porcesses, communication can be made via e – mails. Also the users can make the document transfers through the system. By the load and invoice acceptance system, communication is provided before the invoicing and by this way communication loss reduces to the minimum. By the invoice monitoring screens, all the billed or non billed load informations can be monitored easily. By the report and monitoring screens, the reports with the required criterias such as the expedition, load or performance informations can be created.

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Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Software

By working in cooperation with the domestic transportation module, the fleet management module provides the tracking of the expeditions made by the ownings of your company and manage your cost accountings control more effectively and helps you to optimize your company’s profitability.

With the system, you can record the required informations in details for the fleet management ( fuel records, km tracking, insurances, accident, penalty, insurance informations etc. You can hold the vehicle registratiion files that includes the informations about the vehicles such as the plate, chassis numbers, model, type, engine, brand, licence informations; net weight, loading limit, loading volume, first registration date and similar detailed technical informations and according to these informations you can maket he automatic inspections during the loading. Beside these, the periodical documents such as the insurance, vehicle inspection, conformity certificate and similar documents notices are send to the users via e – mail / sms before the expiration date.

The actual or standart costs and fuel expenses are reflected to the expedition and detailed analysis and reports can be taken about the expedition and vehicle costs.

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Vehicle Maintenance – Repairement Software

You can control all the spare parts replacements of your vehicles, vehicle service reasons and the costs and the laboring and works done by the Vehicle Maintenance – Repairement Software. You can monitör the periodical maintenances of the vehicles and unplanned ( failure ) costs and movements and reflect these expenses to the expedition and transportation costs. By recording the dates, km or hours of the periodical maintenance plans to the vehicles, you can provide the required warnings before.

By recording the tire informations and positioning plans that take place on the pullers or trailers, you can ease your tire management.

By the recorded service programs of the vehicles and the service histories, you can control the spare part and labour based costs and you can record every kind of history about the service firms and suppliers.

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Logistics Marketing and Offer Software

This module provides the perform the management of the marketing, sales and customer relations of the firms in the Land Transpoartation sector by an integrated way with the related modules.

It creates the price offers for the customers or potential customers in the required format and by defining the working opportunities in the document, the document is send by e mail and after that it provides the offer tracking. By the total tariff formation function, the periodic price changes can be send to all customes at one time. The candidate and potential customer interviews are recorded and by the historical notices, customer interview management can be monitored actively. By the customer firm definitions, the special days selections can be created and the prepared content can be automatically send via e mails.

At the same time, on the basis of the firm officials, these procedures can be actualized via sms. By creating candidate customer profiles, on the basis of the firms, the workers locations can be recorded. The interviews of the related representatives and the results of the offers can be analyzed by the performance reports. The accepted offers are defined in the system as the customer or supplier aggrements.

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International Fuel Transportation Module Software

By our software solutions for the firms that takes place in the fual logistics sector, by the parametric definitions for the mamangement of all the loading and transportation processes, facility – tanks and ship definitions and stocks trackings and control of the losses than can happen during transportation, it provides the control of the customer – supplier working processes.

According to the loading informations, all the required documents, the required formats of the departure and arrival notifications can be send via e mails. As the module operates all of your operational works, it also provide you to watch your financial datas. As in the other modules, your income and expense invoices are created in the system and the required financial reports can be taken.

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IDLOG Integrations

By making integrations between the IDLOG modules, real time electronic purchasing is provided. By this means, by the integration of the working processes, quality of the service and the efficiency of the work processes can be increased. The followings are the main integrated systems ;

Customer and Supplier System Integration

ERP Systems

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Fuel Stations

Payment Systems

Customer and Supplier System Integration

With the IDLOG Modules, as you provide the integration between your Customers and Supliers and by this way you can realize your order and operation management system in a fast and accurate way.

Beside this, with the IDLOG web interfaces, you can provide the operation management of the Customer and Supplier that are not integrated.

  • Order Integration
  • Invoice Integration li>
  • Work Order

ERP Integrations

Integrated with the IDLOG modules, this application provides the following opportunities ;

  • Your work processes are tracked in true, complete and accurate ways.
  • There will be labour saving.
  • Can fasten your processes.
  • You can provide the service quality and customer satisfaction.
Our Software is integrated with the following programs. At the same time it can be integrated with the various ERP systems.
  • Oracle
  • Sap
  • Logo
  • Eta
  • Micro
  • Netsis
  • Rapportsoft
  • Vehicle Tracking Integrations li>
  • Paracart
  • Fuel Station Integrations

What does a Vehicle Tracking Integration do? ?

  • Increases the transportation order and delivery capacity.
  • Provides logisic support.
  • Increases the work load and its quality.
  • Saves fro time and fuel.
  • Provides Drives Performance evaluation.
  • You can track your fleet.
  • You can make your transportation controls.
  • You can online watch whether your vehicle is stable or on the move.
  • You can watch the history of your car’s movements.
  • You can determine a route for your cars and can control your car sif they are travelling on that route.
  • Our can determine speed limits for your car and control whether it is moving in that limits or not.
  • You can control the changing temperatures of your car.
  • You can control whether your car is used out of the working hours.
  • By making the km controls in the cars, you can control their service times.

Fuel Station Integration

What does a Fuel Integration do?

By providing the integration between IDLOG Modules and your Customers, you can realize your order and operation management in a fast and accurate way.

Beside this, with the IDLOG web interfaces, you can provide the operation management of the Customer and Supplier that are not integrated.

  • OPET
  • PO
  • BP

Payment System Integration

By the Payment integration, you can make your Money exchanges by creating a fast and safe system.

  • All the Money movements are kept in records.
  • You can control the Money spend by the cards.
  • It eases your business follow up.
  • It provides you to make complete and accurate calculations.
  • Logistic system design & strategy formulation
  • İNeeds analysis & Software planning
  • Hardware analysis & Supply
  • Integration solutions between the independent softwares
  • Easy Access to the information systems and safety analysis & solutions

Special Software Projects

With the Special Software improvement and integration applications, we help the companies to reconstitute the processes they manage to get corporate values and help them to apply them.

We give the Needs Analysis & Software Planning, Special Design Software Improving and Integration Solutipns between the Independent Softwares.

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

With the Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management which is working in integration with the Idlog ERP System, all the processes starting from load optimization an planning can be managed and calculated.

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet management is a management system that aims the inncrease of efficiency from the beginning to the end of the transportation.

IDLOG Technologies

IDLOG Logistic Information Management System is an integrated solution that carries all the stages of the logistics into the electronical media.

IDLOG Softwares are consisted of domestic and international land, sea freight , air Cargo, railway and entrepot and warehouse modules.

Logistics Consultancy

By a systematic approach, we give consultancy services that creates solutions about the subjects such as the betterment of the supply chain, coordination between the work processes, consolidation of the performance and improvement of the strategies that will reduce the total costs.