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IDLOG IDCOM- Customer Order Management Software

It is a web based information system improved according to the operation and order management of the Idlog softwares.

To improve your communicaton with your customers, to improve your prestige about the technology and above all, to start the e- work processes, IDCOM – Customer Order Management System is a real solution for your company.

By reducing the time and labour loss to the minimum, you can increase the value of your company.

Through the web interfaces; by the authorization given to the customers, all the stages starting from the order to the delivery can be managed.

IDCOM has a modular structure ( it has the Land, Air and Sea Freight Modules ).

All the system works through password protected pages.

By IDCOM, your customers and agents can watch the transportation of the loads to their positions, vehicle planning, load status and delivery informations.

During these porcesses, communication can be made via e – mails.

Also the users can make the document transfers through the system.

By the load and invoice acceptance system, communication is provided before the invoicing and by this way communication loss reduces to the minimum.

By the invoice monitoring screens, all the billed or non billed load informations can be monitored easily.

By the report and monitoring screens, the reports with the required criterias such as the expedition, load or performance informations can be created.