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IDLOG Entrepot and Warehouse Software

As the Entrepot and Warehouse module can be used separately,it also has a data integration in itself like as the other modules.

In the module,by automatically planning all our shelfs inside the entrepot,the maximum efficiency is aimed by describing the best appropriate place to the customer during the good acceptance period.

Excepts Windows interfaces of the module,the module can be used by the Menual terminals

Beside this,by using the web interfaces,you can make your customers give orders by showing them the goods placed in the entrepot and at the same time you can make them send goods to the entrepot.

In addition to all these operations,if you want,by making data integration with your customers,you can have the opportunity to have automatic communication.

In the module ,by managing your fixed term contracts according to the multiple parameters,you can make automatic invoicing.

And this increases the operational efficiency and the same time provides good invoicing.