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IDLOG Domestic Land Transportation Software

With the Domestic Transportation Module, as you can manage many of your projects separately and also at the same time you can track your operational and financial datas.

As in the other modules, this module is also appropriate to be used for all your companies that take place in the branches or your groups.

Beside this, as you operate your operational Works you can also make the calculations of the costs of your ownings or your rental vehicles and their fuel costs and you can manage the expenses on driver based.

With the web interfaces of the module, you can take orders from your customers, you can watch the orders you have taken or by data integration with your customers you can provide data synchronization.

As the module works according to the different types of goods and transportation projects, it provides you to create customer based profit / loss reports.

Beside this, in all your transportations, by managing the datas manually, if you want, you can print out the delivery notes inside the vehicle.