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IDLOG IDCAM Customer Aggreement Management Software

It is a web based information system of the Idlog softwares that is developed for the management of the price aggrements.

With this system,you can meet your customers on a mutual platform and take the price offers and give your offers.

IDCOM has a moduler structure(It has the Land,Air and Sea Freight Modules).

All the system works through password protected pages.

Through the web interfaces,can create new price offers or monitor the actual price aggrements.

In the customer based price pool price histories are holded and by this way the analysis procedure are facilitated.

By giving important advantages to your customers,IDCAM is also an interface for your company in which all the price system is managed safely.

When giving offers to your customers,you can see all the changes happenning in the price pool and can make the profit-loss calculations by the customer based analyzes of all the prices in the system.

Forwarder firms,all the price exchanges can be managed multilateral.

At the same time,price can be demanded from multi customers or prices can be given to the multi customers.

During all these processes,notices and warnings can be send to the users about the actual aggrements via e-mails.

All the aggrements that are accepted by the customers is used by the system in automatic invoicing process.