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IDLOG Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Software

By working in cooperation with the domestic transportation module, the fleet management module provides the tracking of the expeditions made by the ownings of your company and manage your cost accountings control more effectively and helps you to optimize your company’s profitability.

With the system, you can record the required informations in details for the fleet management ( fuel records, km tracking, insurances, accident, penalty, insurance informations etc.

You can hold the vehicle registratiion files that includes the informations about the vehicles such as the plate, chassis numbers, model, type, engine, brand, licence informations; net weight, loading limit, loading volume, first registration date and similar detailed technical informations and according to these informations you can make the automatic inspections during the loading.

Beside these, the periodical documents such as the insurance, vehicle inspection, conformity certificate and similar documents notices are send to the users via e – mail / sms before the expiration date.

The actual or standart costs and fuel expenses are reflected to the expedition and detailed analysis and reports can be taken about the expedition and vehicle costs.